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Legal wills are documents that dictates how you wish to distribute your property and assets when you die. Surprisingly, most people in American don't have a legal will, and in the unfortunate event of their death their assets could be handed over to the courts to decide how their estate should be distributed. Not only that, the whole process could take years to be resolved with next of kins left having to make ends meet under very difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately, too many people in the US today assume that on the event of their death, their property will pass automatically to their "next of kin". However, the reality is, nothing could not be farther from the truth.

So the question many people ask is, can I write my own legal will? Some call them simple wills, whilst others refer to them as free wills. In short, the answer is yes, however, there are some basic guidelines you should be aware of and each state has it's own laws whenever it comes to writing wills. Please check the laws of your particular state when writing your own legal will.

Firstly, if you're unsure about how to write your own legal will, then don't be afraid to take some advice in the form of a licensed attorney.

If, however, you still wish to write your own will, then a legal will must contain the following:


A statement that the maker of the will (the testator) and subject of the will are of sound mind.  
Gather one or two witnesses (depending on your state of residence) who will witness and sign the will. Name them here.  
List all of the possessions that will be subject of the will.  
Compile a list of how the possessions (above) are to be distributed and to whom or where they should go.
Name an executor who must be identified by name and who will ensure the instructions in the legal will are carried out.
A good idea (although not necessary) is to bestow power of attorney and include medical instructions should the testator be unable to make sound decisions to due to health problems and/or incapacity.
Finally, your legal will should contain a shortlist of alternative beneficiaries in the event that any of the nominated persons or organizations that are in the will are no longer living or in existence.

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